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Native iPhone and Android Phone Applications

Smartphones have revolutionised the way to run and do business. Businesses build mobile phone apps for many reasons such as brand building, to give customers and other businesses easy access to information, to provide post-sales support to customers or even as internal apps to vastly improve business efficiency.

Smartphones are amazing devices with internet connections, maps, global positioning, multiple cameras, microphones and motion sensors all in the palm of your hand. Taking advantage of all this gadgetry requires know how and here at Software Wizards we have it. We know how to combine all of this wonderful technology in to a Mobile Application that will add real value to your business.

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Mobile Phone Websites

In today's highly mobile world you need to ask yourself - "Is my business missing out on opportunities because I don't have a website that's easy to use on a mobile?" Global internet usage is on the rise and with the NBN on the horizon this usage will surely increase, are you ready?

Sure your current website can be viewed on a mobile but visitors to your site have to keep zooming to see it and have you ever tried tapping a normal website link with your finger, it's difficult to say the least. Your website should be optimized for mobile screens so that it can be easily viewed and used. This calls for some changes in the mobile version and we can help you do this very easily.